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Boiled Fresh Banana Soup Will Do Wonders For Your Body

With many health issues arising, many people have resorted to using supplements.

They are most likely to give the best short term results but their side effects are eventually felt. This will leave you with regret that you will have been the architect of your own downfall.

In this article, I will share with you how bananas are of great importance to your body. They are not only a natural remedy but also the best way to avoid health issues.

Researches conducted in Canada and several parts of the world have proven this.

Benefits Of Drinking Fresh Banana Soup

Healthy For Colon

Dietary fibers in banana benefit the colon. They increase the probiotic bacteria in the gut, preventing colon disease like colitis and IBS.

The dietary fiber, Pectin, found in boiled green bananas treats constipation. A research conducted in Canada indicated that intake of fiber reduces constipation.

Maintains Blood Sugar Level

The lesser glycemic index of unripe bananas is good for your health. Its resistant starch content is capable of slowing down sugar absorption in your bloodstream. This prevents diabetes.

Strengthens Bones

Potassium-rich foods helps the body maintain an alkaline environment. This helps us maintain tissue and muscle mass as well as increase bone density.

Prevents Heart Diseases

Research studies found that Vitamin B6 (in green bananas) reduces homocysteine levels hence preventing heart diseases.

Good Weight Management

Fiber-rich food are very filling. it promotes a feeling of fullness and satiety even when eaten in small amounts.

Resistant starches are not easily digested which prolongs satiation. This in turn controls carbohydrate intake making weight management very easy.

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