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Time to take your partner to the nearest VCT center to be tested for HIV

HIV is a Virus that causes AIDS. AIDS refers to acquired immune deficiency syndrome. The virus tends to attack CD4 cells in the body. These are the cells that protects our bodies from infections by fighting and killing harmful bacteria and viruses.

Once the CD4 cells are damaged the body becomes less immune and therefore diseases can easily infect you.

It has been revealed that HIV most mode of transmission is a sexual encounter with an infected person.

Currently most people are in multiple relationship. Cases of both wives and husbands cheating are very high. It is usually very hard for people to get tested just before an encounter. So most people may know their HIV status but do not know their partner's status.

They go ahead transmitting the virus to their real partners without an idea they are infected with the HIV virus.

Unlike Other diseases HIV can live in a person's body for many years without showing symptoms.

However it is very important to notice these key symptoms in your partner.

1. A fever that lasts for a few days accompanied by a sore throat and flu like symptoms.

2.If he or she complains about getting too tired even after minimal activity.

3. If he or she gets a rash that does not itch. This rash can disappear on its own.

4. Night sweats

5. Swollen lymph nodes

6. A dry cough .

Now this is the time you should sweetly ask him or her to accompany you to a date to a VCT center.

Content created and supplied by: Rossielle (via Opera News )



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