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If bhang is legalised in Kenya, this is bound to happen to its users.

Bhang users develop dependence with time. They also suffer from withdrawal symptoms like irritability, anxiety and abuse. The user can't function normally like somebody who doesn't smoke or use it unless he or she smokes bang. He will need a constant supply to maintain his smoking dependences. With the current debate legalising bhang, if it will be legalised there are some inevitable effects.

Bhang has long been considered to be a gateway drug, in that if a person starts smoking bhang, chances of starting to use other hard drugs and dangerous ones like cocaine etc are very high.

Furthermore, users of bang are at risk with their lungs as it has to be smoked. This may lead to high chances of developing lung diseases example lung cancer.

Also secondhand smoke is dangerous. It will affect those who don't smoke as no alternative method of its administration is available apart from smoking.

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