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Knock Knee Legs Condition, Meaning, Causes, Treatment and Why it is Common in Women.

Knock knee is a condition also referred to as genu valgum. This is a condition that when a child or a person stands in a straight posture the knees touch each other even though the ankles are far apart.

This condition may be assessed by measuring the angle of the shinbone and the thigh bone.

There is another condition similar to genu valgum known as genu varum which is when a person stands with their feet and ankle together a gap is left between the knees.

What Causes knock knees.

Though knock knees are a normal condition during child growth and development but are expected to straighten as growth takes place.

However, if the condition goes beyond six years the condition might be severe hence requiring special attention through diagnosis.

It is believed that this condition may be caused by obesity during teenage and loose knee ligaments.

Pathological knock knee may occur may be caused by some neurological condition such as cerebral palsy or spina bifida. This is a condition that is caused by altered muscle pull between the bone.

Other causes of this condition include metabolic diseases, renal kidney failure, physical trauma that may be caused by an injury or arthritis.

This condition can be painful as a result of increasing pressure in the front knee since the knee cap is off the center.


Sometimes this condition may not correct itself thus the need for corrective surgery.

In case the condition is caused by obesity, exercise and weight loss programs might be very beneficial.

Daily exercise where a person can lie down straight and lift the legs making a right angle with the body can also help in correcting this condition.

This condition is more common in women because they tend to have wider hip borne and are slightly knock-kneed

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