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Changes That Happen in Ladies Bodies During Their Periods

As awoman it involves experiencing the physical and emotional changes that tends to occur 1 to 2 weeks before your periods. The hormonal changes experienced during the menstrual cycle tend to cause physical, emotional and psychological problems.

Some women are more sensitive to the changes and others feel nothing even they don't realize anything until the periods comes. Here are the changes that women experience during menstruatio.

They become tired.

Some women have always complained of feeling like their brain isn't functioning well as it normally does when they are menstruating and this is actually a true fact. Research conducted by the University of Bath found that the brain function in women goes down when they experience pain from cramps and aches during their menstrual period. During a woman's period, there is usually an inability to focus and the brain may feel foggy and slower.

They pass most of the time.

You intend to use the bathroom more often due to two separate chemical signals for this highly unpleasant menstrual period symptom. Prostaglandins are chemical signals that usually signal the uterus to contract, which then aids in getting the period blood flowing out of the uterus period. However, this also causes one's bowel to contract as well. Progesterone is another hormone which tends to drop during one's period and thus can end up causing diarrhea and some women may experience constipation instead.

They have alot of pain.

During the menstrual cycle, there tends to be a decline in estrogen making a woman highly sensitive to pain . This is usually caused by the lower levels of estrogen. Women may also experience severe headaches during their period. If estrogen drops then yo will experience pain.

Feeling weak.

Many women but not all usually report feeling unbalanced and very weak during their period .According to Health, this is usually caused by a number of factors such as fluid retention, hormonal changes and increased fatigue.

They feel more hungry often.

When a woman is on her period, they crave for food a lot. This is caused by the production of the sex hormones like progesterone and estrogen that have an effect on the appetite.An increase in the production of progesterone tends to occur before a woman's period and this is responsible for the high appetite.

They have back pain mostly.

There is always discomfort in the uterus during one's period, menstrual cramps also extends from the woman's abdomen to their legs and back as well during their menstrual period. This is due to the nerves in that region of the body being closely all connected.

They have trouble while sleeping.

The changes in a woman's body that occur during their period make it difficult to fall asleep this is due to the decrease in estrogen that tends to cause a slight increase in a woman's body temperature which makes difficult to sleep.

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