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Concerns as 2,264 people die within 24 hours In India

Today's Covid -19 updates in India has shocked many whereby 2,264 people have been confirmed dead to the disease. This is indeed sad news to the Indian government. Hospital beds are reported to be full and more so ICU beds,high number of infected persons have also been reported today.

What everyone need to do for now is to turn to God in prayers. Let us all pray to God so as he can save his people especially in India. Nobody will be happy to lose his or her loved one. There are many Kenyan citizens who are in India for treatment because of different medical conditions. Let God Intervene and all will be well.

Let us all continue observing Covid -19 precautions given to us by Health ministry. Corona is there and is too dangerous, let us try to be our brothers keeper by reminding everyone to observe covid-19 rules. Please share this article to everyone around you.

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