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Secrets of Hidden Depression.

Secrets Of Hidden Depression.

Depression is classified as a mood disorder. It may be described as feelings of sadness, loss, or anger that interfere with a person’s everyday activities. Signs that you have depression include; 

1. They don't show their real emotions. 

People with hidden depression do not want to show people their emotional condition. They try to hide it so as not to bother anyone. There are two ways in which they hide it; 

- They lead a social life and hide depression in a positive mood. 

- They come up with all types of excuses to stay home and avoid social interaction. 

2. Untidy appearance. 

If a person stops following the rules of hygiene and keeps their home untidy and dirty, they may be suffering from hidden depression. 

3. Psychosomatic diseases. 

You will hear someone complaining about heart pain, the tension on their hands, and breathing difficulties. This shows that you may have hidden depression. 

4. Change in productivity. 

A depressed person can't cope with everyday routine. This leads to lowered productivity. This is because they will always feel tired and forget important information. Additionally, there is a time when inactive people become workaholics, which could be a sign of hidden depression. 

5. Obsession over certain things. 

Depressed people tend to speak about a certain topic over and over again. They do not take any action besides talking over and over again.

6. Inadequate reaction. 

Depressed people do not feel emotional pain, stop noticing insults, agree with everyone who, and stops showing desire.

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Hidden Depression


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