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4 Common Toilet Habits That Can Be Extremely Harmful

1.Sitting on the toilet for too long

According to experts,you should sit in the washroom toilet for at most fifteen minutes.After which it may became harmful as you become prone to an infection known as hemorrhoids.The infection is characterized with itchy genitals,blood on tissue after cleaning yourself among others.

2.Carrying gadegts to the washroom

It is another risky behavior that most of us tend to do.You should remember that while coming out of the washroom,you will only wash your hands and not your gadgets thus still being vulnerable to numerous germs.Boredom in the toilets can be diagonised by putting a game board in their which you ensure you clean regularly

3.Overwiping your genitals

Extreme wiping makes the respective area dry thus can lead to friction.This can cause blisters which escalate when you sweat hence being painful and uncomfortable.

4.Flushing with closet on

Flushing ought to be done when the closet is closed contrary to which the substance being flushed will splash and contaminate the seat,floor and areas in vicinity.

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