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Researchers Reveal What Will Happen to The World by 2025

Researchers have discovered that compromised waistlines have effects on the memory function of human beings. The larger the belly size, the smaller the memory size becomes. It therefore means that if your waist circumference is constantly increasing, something urgent needs to be done.

Loss of cognitive ability is known as dementia. Most people diagnosed with it hardly survive. The University College if London scholars did a research and discovered that by the year 2025, a quarter of the world population will be obese. This will be double the number of such people today. What does that mean?

Medics have associated dementia with being overweight. Women are more vulnerable to this. According to the research, obese women had a 39 percent risk of dementia and most deaths recorded per night indicated that one in every eight people that lost their lives had dementia. In the year 2025, we will most probably see a reduced number of people in the streets.

It's therefore evident that obesity plays a major role in one's cognitive decline. Other diseases associated with obesity are cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes. There is need for healthy lifestyles across the world lest we lose the entire population to obesity.

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