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5 Warning Signs Your Body Is Producing Too Much Estrogen (All Women Should Take Note)

Estrogen levels vary widely between people, but basically, it' s all about balance. Your body is always making estrogen, but you could end up making too much if you have a lot of excess weight or are pregnant. Environmental causes include drinking lots of alcohol and exposure to estrogen-like compounds.

1. You Have Mood Swings

If you have high levels, your mood is likely to tend toward anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. People with elevated estrogen often experience a mix of anxiety and depression at the same time.

2. You're Suffering From Migraines

Did you know that women have a higher risk of headaches and migraines than men? Headaches are influenced by hormone levels in our bodies. One reason you might be suffering headaches is because of fluctuations in estrogen levels (which occur every month as your body transitions from ovulation to menstruation). In addition, having more estrogen than progesterone in one's system causes headaches in almost everyone

3. You've lost your hair

Hair thinning might occur if you have too much estrogen. You may shed more hair than usual if you have estrogen dominance and your progesterone levels are lower than they should be. This can cause hair loss in the long run.

4. You Always Have Cold Hands And Feet

The causes for this aren't completely understood, but many women with high estrogen levels also suffer from impaired circulation, which results in freezing hands and feet. Although we know that estrogen affects circulation, additional research is needed in this area.

5. You're Putting On Pounds

Weight gain, particularly in the hip area, is one of the most common symptoms of too much estrogen. You could gain weight if you have too much estrogen in your body. Bloating and/or trouble losing weight are possible side effects. This is due to the fact that your estrogen levels must be regulated in order for your body to lose weight and keep it off in the long run.

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