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" My Surgery Was Supposed To Last For 4 Hours But It Lasted 8 Hours" Gloria's Talk Of Beating Cancer

After being treated for pneumonia, Gloria started getting alot of discharge from his privates to a point it was wetting her clothes. When she went to the doctor, the doctors told her that it was normal and she was given alot of medications and she was told to take yoghurt.

The discharge did not go away and one day she woke up with her stomach bloated. She took self medicated herself but on the fourth day she felt a sharp pain and that was when she went to the hospital.

She was tested for H pylori which was positive and then the doctor suggested that she should be scanned. The scans showed that her ovaries had enlarged with 15 cms each, which meant that they Required more tests. They sent her to do pap smear and MRI and the tests came positive with cancer cells.

The tests showed that she had cervical cancer. She went on a surgery that was to take place for four hours but the doctors found out that she had ovarian cancer as well. The surgery extended for 4 more hours taking a total of 8 hours.

She then started chemotherapy and then radiotherapy. The side effects were adverse but after 3 months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy she was declared cancer free.

The doctor suggests that early screening is important, use of oral pills and breastfeeding leads to less chances of ovarian cancer.

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