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India Sets Global Record For Daily Coronavirus Deaths

Today India has recorded more CoronaVirus casualties in a single day. The reported deaths are more than any other part of the world. The infections are high as a result of spreading to especially vast remote areas with fewer health facilities.

In the past 24 hours, the Ministry for Health reported more than 4,500 deaths. India's fatalities rates have risen to 283,300. New infections remain below 300,000 for the fourth consecutive day. Johns Hopkins recorded data of 4,475 deaths.

With cases surpassing 25 million, India becomes the second country with the highest casualties after the United States of America. Health officers indicate that infections are finally slowing but deaths cases have been on a consecutive rise. The virus is spreading through the countryside where the majority of the population lives. Cities like New Delhi and Mumbai are showing signs of fewer infections as days folds. This leaves the Government with an alarming burden to limit the spread of the virus to rural areas.

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