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Reasons Why It Is Not Advisable To Hold Back Your Pee

At many times we find ourselves in a situation where we have no other option but to hold back our urine. This might be because you are in a tight schedule, in a meeting, or maybe you are just too lazy to wake up and visit the washrooms.

However, holding down your pee has some major effects to the body, some of which you might have an idea of. Urine samples tested contain urea, inorganic salts, water, pigmented products of blood breakdown and creatinine. Apart from this constituents, there is also urochrome which gives urine its yellow color.

Holding back your pee could result to the following conditions;

1. Stretching of the bladder

Punch line: do not hold your pee. Do whatever is necessary and avoid holding it.

Holding your urine for too long will make the bladder weak therefore making it not to release urine out normally.

Furthermore, you will not have control over your urine as it will be coming out frequently. Abdominal pains will be felt as you piss.

2. Weakening of the bladder muscles

Consistent holding of your pee will unfortunately lead to the weakening of the bladder muscles. A weak bladder muscle will results to the growth of incontinence hence unable to wholly and fully empty your bladder.

3. Contraction of Urinary tract infections (UTI)

Making holding your pee a hobby will result to the build of bacteria into your bladder. As a result you will develop certain infections and you risk getting kidney diseases.

In addition you kidneys are most likely going to rapture in a rare condition.

To conclude, holding urine for long minutes and hours is not advisable. If you tend to experience any malfunctions in your bladder, kindly visit a health care centre for checkups and advices.

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