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Boil Cassava Leaves And Ginger Together Drink The Juice To Cure These Diseases.

Cassava is a Nutrious food which is rich in minerals like iron, manganese,, phosphorus,calcium and potassium. It is mostly found in tropical areas and it's loved by many and eaten either raw or cooked.

The cassava leaves alot has its own benefits to the body and are rich in minerals and that's where it make so healthy. The minerals in the cassava leaves improves the body's healthy, promotes the immunity levels and also helps the body cells to function well.

Calcium in the cassava leaves strengthens the bones and teeth,the iron also helps in the formation of haemoglobin which helps the blood flow, the manganese present in the cassava leaves are also good for the development of the bones and connective tissues.

On the other side ginger also is medicinal,the gingerol properties in it makes it reduce body inflammations. Taking ginger can help you to treat joint pain,helps to lower cholesterol levels and it can ease cramps during menstruation period. So by combining these two it can give you the amazing healthy advantages .

How to prepare.

Take the cassava leaves and ginger root,wash them well and boil them in a bowl for 15 minutes,allow them to cool and drink one glass daily for better results.

This mixture will help you with the following.

It can help you reduce fever and headaches.

It helps in the nerves thus well functioning of the body cells.

Helps in treating different types of ailments like diarrhoea, arthritis due to its anti inflammatory properties.

It helps in wound healing .

It reduces hunger thus can help you lose weight.

It helps in cell formations and prevents the cells from damages since it has anti inflammatories.

Taking this two combined together it can supply you with alot of healthy benefits since they are all medicinal and rich in minerals.

Thank you and follow for more.

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