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Stop Wasting Money: Use This Herb To Treat Stomach Ulcers, Constipation and Jaundice

Pawpaw is a common friut that can be found in many part of the world. Pawpaw is also known as " Papaw" or " Papayas" . It can be planted in soil any with tropical climates. It gain it' s popularity in the world due to it sweetness in taste, vibrant color, and most especially the health benefits it was embedded with.

Human is bless with herbs and root for the treatment of many diseases and sickness but it left to them to discover it. Diseases and sickness such as Impotent, ulcher can be cure with unripe pawpaw water. Although the pawpaw water and its benefits depend on the way it was use and make. The fruit itself can be used, the young leaves or even the roots of the plant is a wonderful remedy for other diseases. Pawpaw soaked in water can help with stomach ulcers, impotence, ulcer, constipation and jaundice.

1. Stomach ulcher and Impotence

For the treatment of stomach ulcher and impotence, cut up an unripe pawpaw, set all i. e the seeds and fruit on fire to boil it in water then leave for two days after it was done. Filter out the liquid and drink half glass in two to three times per day.

2. Constipation relief

For the treatment of constipation, squeeze reasonable amount of pawpaw leaves into a glass of water and drink and create a quick relief for constipation.

3. Ulcher and Jaundice

Pluck and cut up the unripe pawpaw then soak in water for some days. Drink half glass of the water for three times a day for both sickness.

4. Stomach ache and Malaria

Mixing an equal amount of honey with two spoonful of unripe pawpaw mixed in water and drink for 2- 3 times a day can get rid of stomachache. And for maleria and to protect immune system, squeeze yellow pawpaw leaves in some water and drink half a glass of this drink thrice everyday.

5. Cough

Chewing the root of pawpaw tree or extracting the liquid and consume every three hours can cure cough and alleviate the unpleasant feeling in your throat. If you want to prevent the development of kidney stones, take some pawpaw roots, boil them in water and then strain. Mix this pawpaw root water with some honey and drink twice a day for a week.

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