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Fighting HIV With Antiretroviral Therapy Has Become A Big Challenge For All The Victims

We should treat well our bodies well, this is to ensure we are safe form any infections like Hiv and any other diseases. We should also abstain from unnecessary activities that can cause harm to our bodies this is to insure those are are hiv negative are safe from being infected or contacted with this virus. For those who are hiv positive. Life has been hard for them.The virus has become one of a big problem to such people.As such people living with HIV/AIDS now live longer and healthier lives due to the greater availability of antiretroviral (ARV) treatment. Meaning their is hope for them.

Anyone living with HIV knows that there are specific classes of medications that doctors can prescribe to specifically combat with the virus. This medication is for preventation or to control the virus but not for treatment. These medications, known as AntiRetroviral Therapy, will not cure the infection at all, but will target the HIV virus in your body and work to prevent it from replicating even more. When a patient is prescribed more than one drug or medication, it is known as Combination AntiRetroviral Therapy. It is recommended to prevent yourself from this by taking good care of yourself. Presently, there are several different classes of medications used to treat HIV in most of victims, and more classes of treatment are in development. Because the virus is smart and can mutate rendering some treatments ineffective, new drugs are constantly being created to outsmart this insidious virus and provide life-altering options for infected patients. For those who use it in the right way, he/ she can stays for a long period of time with the same disease without feeling varius complication over that period.

Typically, HIV patients can expect to be prescribed two to three classes of medication simultaneously to fight and minimize the virus in the body to those who are affected. With so many treatment regimens available today, doctors can work with you to customize a treatment that works for you and ensure safety measure are provided to you. The most important thing to remember is, HIV is manageable and with a proper health care plan and commitment, you can live a normal and happy life when you follow the right instructions.

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