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The Only Way To Curb HIV New Infections Rate

HIV initials stand for Human Immune Virus. It is one of the deadliest type of Virus because it targets the immune system of a Human Being. Once the immune defence cells are attacked, your ability to fight common other viral and bacterial infection becomes compromised. This means that many opportunistic infections such as Tuberculosis, fungal infections, pneumonia will easily attack you.

Once the HIV enters a Humans body, it attaches to the host's cell and infection will never be reversible. Once you Contact HIV Virus, you tend to remain HIV positive through out your entire Life. HIV infection will eventually cause AIDS. AIDS is just symptoms of many diseases due to compromised immune system.

HIV is commonly spread through Sexual Contact with an infected person. Other causes which are not common include blood transfusion with Infected blood, sharing of needles and other sharp objects. HIV can also be transmitted from mother to child during delivery.

The only 100% way to remain HIV Negative is through abstinence. Abstinence means completely not engaging in any sexually risky behavior. Another bonus gift that will come with abstinence is prevention of commonly transmitted infections such as Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, herpes, Syphilis and many more.

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