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Why You Should Definitely Incorporate Terere Into Your Daily Diet

Amaranthus leaves which are commonly known as terere or mchicha are indigenous vegetables that are nutrient rich.

Terere is so healthy and should be incorporated into your diet as much as possible.

The amazing health benefits of terere are:-

•Terere is loaded with protein;which assists in the production and growth of new body tissues.

•Terere is greatly rich in vitamin C;which is an essential nutrient that usually facilitates quick wound healing and boosts the body's immunity.Vitamin C also aids in preventing certain types of cancers.

•Terere us rich in iron;which is vital as it assists in the production of red blood cells.This makes terere good for anaemic people.The vitamin C in iron works in improving the body's absorption of iron.

•Terere is rich in calcium and vitamin K;which are both essential for good bone health and the strengthening of bone mass These nutrients play an important role in the clotting of blood this making them good for heart health.

•Terere is rich in vitamin A;which is an essential nutrient that is necessary for proper vision and healthy skin.Vitamin A prevents cataracts, night blindness and early aging through delaying the formation of dark circles,wrinkles and stretch marks.

•Terere is high in vitamin B;which assists in the development of physical and mental health.Vitamin B is good in preventing birth defects and improving the baby's development.

•Terere is low in cholesterol and greatly rich in potassium.These qualities work in improving cardiovascular system health.It also assists in the maintenance of good levels of blood pressure and the heart rate.

•Terere is good for digestive health and is highly recommended for patients who are suffering for hemorrhages and diarrhea.

•Terere is good for hair health.Terere prevents hair loss and helps in strengthening hair.It slows down the greying of the hair and retains it's black colour for a long period of time.

•Terere is low in calories;which assists in the loss of weight.It is also rich in fiber that is essential as it improves digestion and prevents the formation of body fat.

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Amaranthus Terere


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