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Shanghai-China Prepares to Ease Lockdown As They Continue to Battle With New COVID Cases (VIDEO)

Shanghai is preparing to ease its lockdown with authorities hoping that transmission will mostly be limited to quarantine facilities.

City authorities reveal the first virus deaths on Monday since the lockdowns were imposed with the latest fatality bringing the official toll to ten.

At the same time, Beijing insists that its zero COVID policy of all lockdowns, mass testing and lengthy quarantine has a reduced fatalities and the public health crisis that have engulfed the rest of the world.

However, some have caused doubts on official figures in a nation whose vast elderly population has a low vaccination rates. Shanghai health officials noted that less than three quarters of residents over the age of 60 have received two COVID JABS and less than 40% have received the booster.

The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission said that the seven victims who succumbed to the virus were aged between 60-101 years, adding that all of them suffered from underlying health conditions including heart disease and diabetes. The commission said the patients became severely ill after admission to hospital and died after ineffective rescue efforts.

Shanghai also reported over 20,000 new COVID cases with the vast majority of them being asymptomatic. Many of the Shanghai 25 million residents have been confined to their homes since March as daily case loads off talked 25,000 which was previously unheard of in China.


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