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Reasons Why You Are Becoming Physically Weak As A Man.

Men are known to be strong and capable of handling heavy tasks unlike women. Today we are having a majority of men who are complaining of getting tired easily. This is an embarrassment, particularly when it happens that mens responsibilities are beeing taken over by women.

As a man you have overcome this. In as much as you are not sick, make sure that you handle men's responsibilities effective. For you to do that you have to overcome reasons that make you weak. Here are the reasons;

1. Poor Eating Habits.

As a man you have to eat a balance diet and avoid junk food. Eat foods full of starch, proteins and Vitamins. Stop starving yourself because want to save. Saving is good but also ensure that you take care of yourself.

2. Working Without Rest.

Ensure that in your busy schedules have some time to rest. And while working also don't do too much heavy tasks that can cause harm to your body.

3. Avoiding Medical Check-up.

It is your life that is at stake when it comes to health. It is not only when you are sick that you go for medical assesments, you should make it a habit of seeking medical assistance more oftenly just to be sure that your body is ok. You may avoid going for medical check-up when there is a small problem in your body and at the end it may cause harm.

4. Consuming Excess Alcohol.

The danger of excessive alcohol is gradual. Your internalise organs like the liver and the kidneys which get destroyed by alcohol. Alcohol is not balance diet it is full of Cholesterol and other components that are dangerous in our bodies.

5. Harassment From A Wife.

Some men have become weak because of lack of a responsible woman in the house. Some men go to work starving, maybe because the wife fails to do her duty or false accusatios that makes a man to loose appetite, or she refuses to cook for the man intentionally.

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