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Signs Shows Your Body Lacks Enough Proteins And Why It Is Harmful To Your Health

Their are alot of foods rich in protein and they are cheap and available. Foods like beans they have good proteins and available. You might eat certain foods that contain less proteins that will make your body lack enough proteins. Their are some signs that might show you lack enough proteins and here they are:

Always feeling Hungry. You might be lacking enough Proteins if you feel hungry always. Proteins helps to reduce the hunger since it make you full for longer. Start your day with proteins to avoid reckless snacking during the day.

You might start swelling in your feet or ankles due to fluid retention. And this can be caused by lack of Proteins in the body.

Re- occurring infections. If you always have Infections like colds,flu like symptoms then you might be lacking Proteins since they are essential in healing process and helps to protect you from infections.

You have weak hair,skin and nail may be due to lack of enough proteins in the body. Your nails,hair and skin needs proteins to be strong and healthy.

You might have mode swings due to lack of enough proteins. Your brain needs good proteins in the body for it to function well and be active. Lack of it you might experience mood swings and even depression.

Lack of enough proteins can cause you trouble in losing or in gaining weight. People who want to lose weight they are advised to eat enough proteins since they are high in fiber they can make them fuller for long and reduce cravings.

Also for those people who wants to gain weight are advised to eat enough proteins to help them add body muscles. Proteins add body muscles if you lack it then you might become weak in the overall body even in the bones.

Make sure you eat enough proteins daily to help you grow healthy. Thank you follow for more.

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