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Celebrities Who Suffered From Heart Attack

People loves good health, and nobody wishes to be sick. We only enjoy life, if we are feeling healthy. We can give up everything in life, so that we can get good health. We have celebrities who are suffering from heart attack, and they are not going well currently. They had to live a careful life, so that they can avoid attack. Let us look at some of the football celebrities, because they had been diagnosed with heart condition.

1. Sergio Aguero.

Many people loves Sergio Aguero, because he plays smart football. He loves scoring many goals, and he is holding many record in England premier league. Sergio Aguero plays as a striker, and he is very hard-working.

Barcelona are very happy, because they have this player on their side. Sergio Aguero is currently not feeling well, and because he is currently having a heart problem. The doctors are doing everything, so that Sergio Aguero stays healthy.

Sergio Aguero will be reaching 34 years next season, therefore he is still young in football. His heart is making things very difficult for him, therefore he cannot continue with his football career. He decided to retire, even he doesn’t wish to. 

He is retiring with a heavy heart, because he loves football very much. We will miss Sergio Aguero on the pitch, but we with him good luck outside football life.

2. Christian Eriksen.

Christian Eriksen plays as an attacking midfielder, and he is doing very well. He can also play as a central midfielder, therefore many clubs wishes to have him. He currently plays Brentford, and the club is really depending on him.

Christian Eriksen comes from Denmark, and he also plays for national team. Things are not going well with Christian Eriksen, because he is having a heart problem. He is currently seeking medical attention, and the doctors want him to be careful on the pitch.

He has fainted several time, while he is playing on the ground. Christian Eriksen will not play football for a very long, therefore he wit retire early. We will miss him on the pitch, because he has great skills in the midfield. 

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