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5 Crucial Signs You’re Eating Too Much Salt And Shouldn't be Ignored

This article highlights five crucial signs that a person is consuming too much salt and a bonus tip at the end that can help in reducing on salt consumption. Following are the signs.

1) Body swelling

Your body may start to hold extra water as a result of high salt intake thus making it feel swollen. This is called edema (swelling caused by fluid trapped in your body's tissues) and should be treated by a very restricted diet.

2) Persistent thirst

Consuming too much salt can leave you feeling thirsty most of the time. This happens because foods with high sodium content mess with your body's fluid balance. The best way to make up for this is to drink lots of water because not drinking enough water could force your body to draw fluid out of cells and this could make you dehydrated.

3) Changes in urine color

You will notice the effects of excessive salt consumption through a change in the color of your urine. When salt concentration is high in your body it leads to dehydration. When there's significant water loss in the body, your urine output decreases and turns thick and dark yellow.

4. Achy bones.

When you eat too much regular table salt, your kidneys can’t flush it out completely, and this increases calcium loss greatly. This in turn leads to osteoporosis (a condition where the bones become weak and fragile).

5) Persistent headaches

Excess sodium consumption increases the volume of your blood so that it takes up more space in your blood vessels. This expansion of blood vessels causes high blood pressure (hypertension) and as a result, may trigger severe headaches.

Bonus: How to reduce salt intake

Thank you for sparing your time and going through this article. I wish you good health as you continue to share this information. Be blessed.

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