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Find Out Why Beards Are Very Important

A beard can be defined as the hair that grows on the jaw, chin, upper lip, lower lip, cheeks, and neck of humans. Beards have the following importance in men:

1. During low temperature conditions, beards act as thermal protection hence preventing the body from loosing heat. This makes it possible for beards to keep you warm during cold weathers.

2. Beards can play a great role in protecting your throat by keeping out bacteria which is airborne out of your mouth. This prevents throat diseases from attacking you.

3. Beards can protect you from strong ultraviolet rays from the sun by trapping a great amount of it. This helps in protecting the skin around the face to stay healthy.

4. Beards can act as an extra layer of protection on the skin preventing entry of bacteria. This makes sure that there are limited or no infections through the skin.

5. Beards are a science of beauty because a good number of men appear confident and attractive with beards. This is according to a new study by German consumer goods company.

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