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Coughing And 4 Other Symptoms Of Tuberculosis You Shouldn’t Ignore

An infection brought on by germs is tuberculosis, generally known as TB. Usually, tuberculosis affects the lungs. However, other bodily parts may also be impacted. This may apply to the vertebrae, kidneys, joints, and brain.

When a person with active TB disease coughs, sneezes, or laughs, and close people breathe in the droplets, TB germs are transmitted.

Because TB spreads through the air, persons who spend a lot of time in close quarters are most at risk. In this article, we'll discuss the symptoms of tuberculosis you shouldn't ignore in order to protect both yourself and others. The information is based on facts and findings from Cleveland Clinic.

Coughing for longer than three weeks

Often, this is the first sign of active tuberculosis (TB). A dry, annoying cough may be the first sign. It typically goes on for months and gets worse. Phlegm (sputum), which may be stained with blood, is produced in large amounts over time by the cough.

Chest pain both at rest and during coughing

Chest pain and breathing difficulties are two typical signs of pulmonary TB.

A night sweat

Night sweats, or waking up drenched in perspiration, are another symptom of tuberculosis. A fever could be brought on or not.

Extreme loss of weight

Severe weight loss, which is frequently seen by tuberculosis patients and is thought to be immunosuppressive and a significant factor in determining the severity and course of the disease, is a common adverse effect.

Joint and spinal discomfort

One of the most frequent side effects of tuberculosis is back pain and stiffness. Joint injury. Hips and knees are frequently affected by tuberculous arthritis (also known as "tuberculous arthritis"), which also causes swelling of the membranes that shield your brain (meningitis).

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