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9 Early Signs and Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy

1. Abnormal muscle tone. This is most commonly observed symptom. Your child may be hypotonic or most frequently hypertonic with either increased or decreased resistance to passive movements. May also cause difficulty walking.

2. Hand preference before one year is a red flag. Hand preference in infants is not usually acquired before the age of two years.

3. Asymmetry while crawling or failure to crawl may indicate cerebral palsy.

4. Growth retardation and delayed milestones is a common finding. Milestones such as rolling over, sitting without support and crawling.

5. May have asymmetric posture, strength, or gait and abnormal coordination.

6. Increased reflexes which indicate upper motor neuron lesion. Reflexes such as moro reflex and asymmetric tonic neck reflexes.

7. Seizures or convulsions.

8. Specific learning disabilities. This are usually noticed once the child starts attending school. Also delays in speech development and may have difficulty in speaking.

9. Hearing impairment. Most of children with cerebral palsy have hearing impairment.

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