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Why bananas are very good for your health.

Bananas are one of the World's most popular fruits,they are botanically a berry and belong to the gwnusnof flowering plants known as Musa.They are rich in Potassium,vitamin B6,vitamin C,Magnesium,Copper,Manganese,Fiber.The banana can be of importance to one's health because:

1.They are good for blood sugar regulation as they are rich in Pectin,a type of fiber.

2.They are a low calorie food hence are good for weight loss.

3.They are a very good source of potassium,an essential compound for proper nerve function,keeping blood pressure constant and heart health.

4.They are rich in antioxidants dopamine and catechin,these helps reduce the risk of degenerative conditions and a reduced risk of heart diseases.

5.Unripe bananas can help increase insulin sensitivity as they are rich in resistant starch.

6.They are a good source of vitamin B6,an essential vitamin for proper cell functioning in the body and creation of neurotransmitters.

7.Tgey can aid in digestion and treatment of gastrointestinal issues.

8.The vitamin C and manganese in them is very important for proper skin health.

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