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Stress Is Number One Killer Disease

Many people do not realize that stress, just like malaria, is a disease too. Many people suffer from stress but they ignore, it not knowing how it deeply affects them. When stress turns to its twin, depression, one might even commit suicide.

Signs of stress.

1.Aches and pains- people suffering from stress have reported headaches, joint pains, and muscle aches. Few have reported chest pain.

2.Chest pain. This may be due to a racing heart. Stress increases blood pressure and this may bring chest problems.

3. Sleeplessness. People experiencing stress find it difficult to sleep. The mind is troubled by thoughts of the kind of stress it is experiencing.

4.High blood pressure. Stress is the number one cause of high blood pressure. People with blood pressure are not supposed to be stressed because it can elevate the blood pressure to abnormal levels and will lead to death.

5.Digestive problems. Stress can make people experience indigestion. This can lead to bloating in the stomach. Also, diarrhea has been reported.

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