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Good News To All Kenyans After New Report Emerged About COVID-19

The world has experienced many diseases caused by a virus and among them is Covid-19 which was first reported from China especially in a city called Wuhan. Covid-19 is highly transmittable and every living human should protect himself to stay safe. The disease can easily be stayed away from by wearing masks, keep a social distance when walking in the streets, and also avoid shaking and hugging since those forms of greetings can lead you to the infection.

According to the daily news the ministry of health has announced that the government is going to recruit more than 2 million heroes for mashuja. This is going to be a huge opportunity for many Kenyans who are going to be recruited in today's exercise. The president of Kenya is expected to lead our nation to celebrate the heroes who fought for our Independence. The heroes that have died because of our Independence. Remember that Covid-19 has not yet disappeared and it is still there, therefore, everybody should take full responsibility and sanitize and stay safe during this memorable day.

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