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Put This in Your Mouth and That Painful Toothache will Disappear in a Few Seconds.

Fresh ginger

Wash and peel an inch of fresh ginger and start chewing it slowly around the affected area allowing the ginger to ooze it's juices. Keep it in your tooth for 1-2 hours and it will help in relieving your pain and swelling.


Garlic has a lot of medicinal benefits,when crushed garlic releases allicin, a natural antibacterial agent which will kill harmful plaque causing bacteria and provide pain relief. You can chew a piece of raw garlic or apply crushed raw garlic on the affected area.

Guava leaves

They have anti-inflammatory properties that can help heal wounds. They also contain microbial activity that can aid in oral care.To use this remedy you need to chew fresh guava leaves or add crushed guava leaves to boiling water to make a mouthwash.

Rinse with salt water

You can clean infections and promote temporary pain relief by rinsing your mouth with warm salty water.Treating a toothache with salt water can also help to heal any oral wounds and reduce inflammation. Make sure you don't swallow any of the salt water while you rinse.

Use peppermint tea bags

Peppermint tea bags have mild numbing properties that ease oral pain for a short while. You can cool your teabags in a freezer for a couple of minutes or you use while it's still warm and wait it to cool on the affected area.


They are natural antiseptics and can kill germs that remain inside the mouth. This makes them a great remedy for tooth pain and tooth infections. You will only need to peel the onions,chop into small pieces,place them on the affected area and chew them.

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