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Blood Cancer Kills Please Avoid Taking These Things In Excess.

Blood cancer kills very fast and you can get it through your lifestyle. This occurs when the blood cells multiply abnormally interrupting the normal formation of blood cells which helps to fight infections and formation of new blood cells.

Blood cancer is also called leukemia its found in the blood and in the bone marrow. Leukemia can come with many symptoms so if you feel any of the following signs then run to the doctor and get checked.

Loss of weight and appetite.

Itchy skin.

Night sweats.

Pain in the bones and muscles which is not necessary.


Regular infections or fever.

Lumps and swelling.

If you don't want to have blood cancer the avoid taking these things in excess.

Stop drinking alcohol.

Alcohol can lead to many types of cancer like leukemia and lymphoma. Alcohol has an adverse effects in the body due to its chemicals which are dangerous to the body system. Apart from leukemia alcohol can cause other types of cancer like prostate, breast cancer.

Stop taking Red meat in excess.

Red meat is a good source of protein but when eaten in moderation. Eating too much of red meat can trigger the cells that causes cancer. It can also trigger the nitrates that is converted to chemicals that later cause cancer.

Stop Smoking Cigarettes.

Cigarette is not good to your body system since when smoking it lowers your immunity system thus leaving your body getting prone to Diseases. The chemical substances in the cigarette cam male your body system weak to not fight Infections and inflammations that are trying to attack the body.

To be on the safe side please take precautions since taking anything in excess can be very harmful to your body and can cause serious problems like chronic diseases.

Thank you and please follow for more updates.

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