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8 Tips To Overcome Social Anxiety.

1. Find the cause.

- Understand what is making you socially anxious?

- Previous Bad experiences?- It is not your fault people around you were bad.

- Trouble talking to people because you dont feel important? You are important in your own universe.

2. Win over your brain

- Your brain always jump to the most worst situation.

- Change the narrative you tell yourself.

- Reframe your thoughts positively.

- Convince your brain that you are winning.

- It boosts your self confidence greatly.

3. Socialize more

- To develop a skill, practice it more.

- Attend social events, Interact with people more often.

- Observe people more.

- Cherish the thought that you are improving your social skills.

- Be happy about every single step you take.

4. Define a good social interaction

- Write what a good social interaction would mean to you.

- End of day, your conversation should make you feel bold and confident.

- Starting with a smile, feeling comfortable talking, talking for more than 15 min, feeling happy.

5. Keep A Record of Your Interactions

- Start writing about each and every interaction.

- Describe them How you felt while talking?

- How long did you have the conversation? Did you feel confident or not?

- Note down and compare them frequently against your ideal interactions.

6. Practice some basic social skills

- Social skills involve eye contact, smiling when greeting others, using an appropriate tone of voice for the situation,

- Appropriate emotional regulation depending on the situation, and expressing opinion.

7. Meditate

- Meditation helps in training yourself to practice relaxing in anxiety inducing situations

- Sit down and close your eyes. Pay attention to your breathing without trying to control it.

- Remind yourself to accept your fears and confront them instead of running away.

8. Leap out of your comfort zone

- List down your fears in the order of least to most anxiety inducing.

- Start with the easiest to face and work your way up.

- With time, your belief changes with experience.

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