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Health benefits of consuming Bananas And Avocados

What You Don't Know About Eating mixed Banana And Avocado.

We are all aware of the necessity of consuming fruits in our life,fruits contains vitamin C which boost our immune system,but here is something you need to know the secret of consuming mixed Banana and Avocado.

Here is the recipe:


-Take a medium banana.

-A quarter of a ripe Avocado.

-Handful of washed spinach.

- A cup of clean water.

-And protein powder to cover all macro bacterials.


Place all the ingredients right into a blender,then serve .

Benefits of consuming Banana mixed with Avocado .

(I) Good for digestive health.

Both banana and avocado contains fibres which aids in digestion and prevents constipation.also the soluble fiber in avocado assist good bacteria in the intestines to thrive while also promote regularity.

(II).Helps in improving heart health.

Consuming bananas combined with Avocado can also enhance heart health by reducing risk factors related to the heart diseases.Both contains potassium ,which is avery heart _hearthful nutrients.

(III).Protect our eyes.

The mixture contains antioxidants which eliminates inflammation in the body enhancing vision.

(IV).Helps in weight loss.

Avocado contains fiber and healthy fat content ,which can lessen hunger and promote satiety,on the other hand Bananas can also aid in weight loss when consumed In moderation.

Content created and supplied by: Jinawakoli (via Opera News )

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