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India Makes a Super Move to Reduce Souring Covid-19 Cases

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India is among the countries in the world that have been immensely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the past few weeks, the country has experienced a big rise in Covid-19 cases and deaths with the highest being over 400000 cases a day.

Mass gatherings, low vaccination and testing capacities are said to be the main cause of the massive rise of cases in this period of time. A new variant of Covid is also said to contribute to this.

To tame this rise, the government of India has now opened Covid-19 vaccinations for all adults across the country, CBS reports. The home to around 1.4 billion people around 600 million adults aged between 18-45 years which represents almost 48 per cent of the population.

Besides, the government is aiming at giving shots of the jab to around 300 million healthcare workers, frontline workers and people above 45 years.

The move came after reports emerging that only a few citizens can afford vaccines that are being offered by private hospitals for around 3 US Dollars (250 rupees).

However, the demand in India is currently high and the country is facing a shortage in the supply. This might in return affect the citizens as prices might be hiked as experts from India warn. Also, experts say, gatherings for vaccination might also cause a rise in infections even further.

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