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Did You Know That Tears Of Pain Starts From The Left Eye And Tears Of Joy From Right Eye

We cry for a variety of reasons. “Crying for emotional reasons makes you feel better, releases tension and gives you a psychic reboot. The fluid that makes up tears contains water, for moisture and oils for lubrication and to prevent evaporation of tear liquid. Tears also contain mucus for even spreading of tears on the surface of the eyes as well as antibodies and special proteins for resistance to infection.

Some minutes ago through the Kameme TV Instagram official page they have explained to Kenyans the difference between human tears of joy and human tears of pain. According to them that said that tears of joy comes out from the right eye first then it flows out from both eyes while tears of pain comes out from the left eye first then it flows from both eyes.

According to you Kenyans have you ever experienced the tears of joy and those of pain? Did you realize a difference on how they come out? Let's meet in the comments section and talk about this.

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