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Healthy diet

Healthy eating and fitness

Eating healthy

Eating healthy food is important in life for it helps our bodies yo be strong and fit

Healthy foods we can eat

The most important thing to get while eating to make sure one gets the nutrients needed.

They include: Food that has alot of fibre, carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins.

Most people focus Soo much on junky foods... which isn't bad wen taken in small quantities.when taken in larger amount it can lead to weight gain which will make it possible for other illnesses to affect one, however to reduce weight gain one has to consider a diet called keto based diet.

This is a diet that reduces ones carbs and increases healthy fats....Also intake foods with high rate of sodium may lead to health problems and it should be avoided.Large intake of sugary foods is also to be avoided because it can cause a spike to ones blood which may lead to diabetes or obesity.

Remember one can put a rainbow colours of food on a plate but in the end it won't help in keeping us healthy.. healthy living is best.

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