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All Schools Should be Closed, Curfew Hour Implemented From Today (opinion)

Many countries in the world are recording high positive cases and deaths. The first case was confirmed in Wuhan China before spreading to other countries worldwide. Many people have lost their relatives and friends. Furthermore, some people are in different hospitals fighting for their lives.

Many countries like India, Turkey and others around the world have issued new guidelines and measures to stop the spreading of covid-19. The virus is very dangerous because it attack the lungs and reduce amount of oxygen in the body.

My opinion is that all schools should be closed because our country is still recording positive cases. The schools, bars and restaurants should be closed to reduce this infections. If you look yesterday covid-19 positive cases, you will agree with me. The country recorded 469 case from the samples of 6,244 which is representing 7.5%. Also some counties are leading with covid-19 infections. Kisumu and Nairobi are leading with covid-19 infections. Furthermore, if you check date 17th positive cases your will agree with me. Ministry of health announced 72 positive cases from a sample of 2056 which is representing 3.5%.

What will happen if covid-19 penetrate in our schools? What will happen if the country start recording more than 1,000 positive cases? Do our hospitals have enough ICU beds and oxygen?

Things may turn worse like some countries in the world that are recording high . So it is good for our government to introduce new guidelines to reduce these cases in the country as early as possible.

What are your views?

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