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Skin Care

Here is The Reason Why You Should Start Eating Snails

Snails are rich in nutrients that are high than those of a beef. They are rich calcium, magnesium,vitamins and proteins. Because of its high content in protein then it's good to consume then and include them in your diet. You can add snails to salads and it will provide you with organic and balanced diet.

Here is why you should consume snails regularly.

They are a good source of healing wounds and injuries. Consuming snails can help you to heal wounds when you get an injury.

Snails have therapeutic compounds in it since it can cure very advanced coughs by taking snail slimes and here is how to make snail slimes.

Boil water and put some snail in it cover the snail tightly do not allow the heat to get out. Wait for 10 Mon then it's ready. Extract the snail from the slime use by using a knife. The treatment can help you to ease the cough completely.

The Snails have anti- cancer and antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties that help to increase the immunity levels. They contaim good fatty acids,serenum, magnesium and alot of vitamins like E,A,K. Due to its anti inflammatory properties they help the body from not getting Inflammations that can lead to chronic problems.

For external use snails can be also so beneficial like the shell of the snail is full of calcium. In children with dental carries the shell is crushed into powder like and it's used to brush the teeth.

You can use the slime of extract from the snail to rejuvenate your skin by removing pimples and wrinkes. Apply on your face 3 times a week for months and it will help you cure acne and pimples on the face.

Snails are Nutrious so if you can afford to eat them you can enjoy them and Remember the benefits it has in your body.

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