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Good News As The Government Makes A Point To Approve The Importation Of The Vaccine

It is good morning with good news as the pharmacy board it has reportedly approved the local use of Sputnik V vaccine. Dinlas Phamarcy has been given a green light in importing of the 50,000 vials for initial components and another 50,000 for the second components.

The pharmacy and poison board has told the the government to authorise the use of the Russian sputnik v vaccine. The application of the importation was made, this is according to Dr Ahmed Mohammed, the director off the health products and technology. The vaccine was approved for the general use by the public. It has however imported 50000 vials for first component and another 25000 for the subsequent one.

This comes as a surprise as the government earlier on banned the importations, distribution and administration of the vaccine by the private sector. The intention of Dr Amalo who wrote a letter to the PPB, inquiring more information made it the possible. The board carries out its functions through resolutions made in its meetings and which meetings the law requires you to keep a record of,” Dr Amolo said in the letter addressed to the board chair Dr Jackson Kioko.

Using article 35of the constitution and access to information Act,Dr Amalo was able to gain information concerning the purpose of the approved vaccines as well as the quantity needed. He further inquired if the vaccine was tested or not a thing the PPB responded clearing his thirty for knowledge. “The efficacy studies was conducted by the manufacturer and the data provided to the Board by the applicant at the time of application for emergency use authorization,” said Dr Mohamed.

This is a good news for the citizens as the government tries to keep its people safe from more infraction.

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