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Opinion: Kenyans Should Continue Being Cautious Even After the Partial Lockdown was Lifted

President Uhuru's speech on this year's labour day was received with gratitude by most kenyans. Noteworthy, is the announcement that the lockdown in the five counties identified as the zoned area had been lifted.

It is now evident that kenyans from all over the country had felt like caged birds during the lock down. It is obvious that much of kenyan daily life and especially in matters business revolves around the five counties. It was jubilation everywhere. Most citizens took to celebrating the kenyan way, with lots of roast meat and alcohol as it is our norm.

What we might have ignored is the fact that the monstorous pandemic is still here with us. The country has only opened up to business activities across the counties and not to unnecessary gatherings. Kenyans must be reminded to continue observing the covid 19 measures. Let us not plunge into more predicament because of excitement.

What the government forget to remind us oftenly is that good health begins with us. Yes, it is our individual responsibility. Let us continue being vigilant against the virus and we shall eventually overcome. God is on our side kenyans.

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