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The Marvelous Mukombero Of Kakamega.

   When you hear of Herbal medicines you figure out the kind of medicines in terms of raw roots, leaves, or stems of plants that can treat or cure different types of ailments. Traditionally our forefathers never attended any hospitals rather used roots and herbs to treat diseases, this article will feature a root by the name Mukombero.


    When you hear this name, your mind directly takes you to its ability to warm the bedroom, No! Mukombero is herbal medicine or root that has the power to cure different ailments apart from the one you know. This herbal root does wonders and mainly is a root that is mainly harvested in most areas of Kakamega,self growing in forests. This root is mostly associated with the western people who believe its marvelous uses in different sections. Scientifically known as Monda Whitei.American scientists carried out lab tests on this root and discovered that it can treat many diseases that attack people, they went further and began the massive production of Mukombero in powder forms and distributing it to different countries though this root can be chewed while raw.


Uses of Mukombero


1-Mukombero can treat different health issues like

  • Hypertension
  • Stroke
  • Hangover
  • Allergies
  • Asthma

2-This bitter root is termed as natural aphrodisiac-This is a combination of herbs that enhances desire and improves sexual performance in men. It is believed that men with sexual performance complications can improve their state by chewing these roots on daily basis hence increasing their libido.


3-Mukombero also helps in lactating mothers who find difficulty in producing enough milk for their babies, when chewed they activate and stimulate the mammary glands that produce milk for the young one. It has no side effects hence very safe remedy for these mothers.


4-This root is believed to have the power to boost the immune system of your body, remember once the immune system is intact, it is not easy to be attacked by some minor diseases.


Therefore I highly recommend anyone to fetch a few mukombero and see how they do magic.  


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Kakamega Monda Whitei.American Mukombero


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