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Concerns As Parents Complain Of An Outbreak Among Children

Parents have raised concerns about the health of their children. This comes just a few days after schools were closed.

One of the Twitter users by name Mr Braving Yuri, has Described the symptoms and signs her children went through. This post has sparked reaction as Majority of parents have also mentioned that their sons and daughters have been experiencing same symptoms.

"So there is this sickness currently in kids. Very high fever, cough, running nose, lack of appetite as the child doesn't want to eat anything, the kid feels like throwing up but nothing is coming out, talking in sleep & sleeplessness, crying all the time. Anyone seen this?" Bravin Yuri.

Another parent by name Alpha Tishi says his child also experienced the same symptoms. "Oh yah, talking in their sleep. Mine had never prior to this sickness and has stopped talking in his sleep after he got better. He was also asleep all day and night. You even miss them being naughty because the house gets so quiet." Alpha Tishi.

Rachael Ombaka; Yes. My son suffered that for two weeks. Lost so much weight. Went to hospital they took blood and stool but didnt find anything so we just managed the symptoms. He is back to himself now.

Joseph Maina; Severe tonsils. My son has had them for the last one week. We've been transnighting in shifts but mchana mtoto anacheza Kama kawaida.

Juliana Mwikali; Picked my daughter from school on Wednesday, she was okay, Thursday by 6pm, she was feeling tired and took a nap, by yesterday noon her temperatures were high, sunken eyes, took some antimalaria today she looks better. Am loading her with herbs as well for immunity

Timmy Njoro; Mine healed, thanks to God for the healing, pia our house help for shoving tones of food down her little throat when she didnt want any and her mother for staying up late through the nights kumbebeleza.

Gitau George; Mine was even waking up at night and going around the house talking to himself, sometime we would woke up in the morning to find he slept in the sitting room, but he is better now

Mauryn Teresa; I work with kids and I can tell you it's been bad. They have been in and out of school. There is no day since January I haven't been sick myself.

Paul Cater; Been to her Doc like twice but still the coughing won't stop for the past like 2 weeks.

Victor Rob; Just praying for mine, the cold hit us badly last week. He's still sneezing though. I called my old man & he told me to relax, that all this was normal even b4 the pandemic so I take it easy.

Comra; You've just described what my daughter is going through. If not that she's a lively girl, it hurts so bad!

Feliki; Doctors said we strengthen our immune system when we are exposed to germs & bacteria..remember last year kids were at home safe now they went back to school wearing they are at home not wearing masks exposed to germs. I can say its all about immune system.

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