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Dealing With Mental Health Disorders

At one point or another, anyone might have experienced mental illness, be it in their childhood, adolescence or adulthood while trying to survive.

People hate what they don't understand and hate what they can't conquer. This statement connects perfectly with mental illness. Exploring this theme through various channels helps spark a conversation about honesty and positive education.

Mental illness, also known as mental health disorders, is a constant battle that never has clear victories. Battles are rarely won by individuals. It takes an army that is properly equipped to bring about a change.

Problems won't be fixed unless we admit that there is one and once we admit to a problem, we need to educate ourselves to find the best solution. Many people simply avoid talking about their problems and by the time those around them realize it, it might be too late.

Cases of mental illness have risen gradually especially after the declaration of COVID 19 as a pandemic. People tend to express what they feel inside outwardly. Some may express ot through violence towards others such as domestic violence while others may express it through self harm such as cutting or burning oneself.

In Kenya there have been many cases of mental illness that have only been realized after people took their lives. A policeman and his wife decided to end their misery by shooting each other. Another man decided to kill his four month old baby by dropping him on the ground simply because he suspected that he may not have fathered the child.

These people might have had help if only they had talked to someone. If at all you suspect a person to have mental illness or you yourself feel that there is something out of the ordinary the advice is talk to someone. If it's too much, cry it out because crying sometimes helps to relieve some internal burdens.

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