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Scary Scenes as a Country Experiences 30,000 Covid19 Positive Cases in a Day

The Corona Virus pandemic is still hitting many countries hard with continued rise of number of positive cases and deaths. The vaccine for Covid19 has been developed but still it has failed to reduce number of confirmed cases.

This week, four days in a row, England have experienced over 30,000 positive cases daily since January 22, 2021. The new health secretary has said that the figures could hit 100,000 by the summer in a day.

The confirmed Covid19 positive cases in England today were 35,707 and the number of deaths was 34. The Covid19 restrictions in England will be lifted on July 29. 35,707 is the highest dialy total positive cases since January 22, 2021. In the past 7 days, 213,578 cases have been confirmed which is a 30% week-on-week rise.

In Kenya, the number of positive cases today was 241 from a sample of 2961. Today total recoveries were 1,401 and we had one death.

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