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HIV/AIDS trends in Kenya According to the National AIDS Control Council.

Kenya has made commendable steps in the recent first in the fight against HIV virus. This has seen the number of new infections in Kenya, but according to the current trends where the public has witnessed several people coming to confess that they had infected a number of people intentionally. The number of new infections may rise again.

Among the efforts the country has made is first the approval of the use of PrEP as a result new infections have reduced. The kenyan government has actively promoted the use of condoms, In 2013, around 180 million free condoms were distributed still this could not meet the country's demand.

According to the national AIDS control council the following are trends in Kenya,

Despite the rise in awareness levels, many people living with HIV face high levels of stigma and discrimination this has prevented many people from accessing HIV services.

In 2016, there were an estimated 62,000 new HIV infections in Kenya, a drop from 100,000 new infections in 2013. Men living with HIV are less likely to seek treatment, statistics have showed that about 58% of men access treatment, compared to 68% of women.

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