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Coronavirus:Not Every Mask can Prevent COVID-19


Machakos county health boss Ancent Kituku has decried increases face masks in the market.

In a statement to the press, Kituku observed that not every mask in the market can prevent the COVID-19 virus.

He urged residents across the county to be cautious when buying masks.

One thing, masks are very important in the fight against the spread of coronavirus. There are various masks in the market but it would be great if people are cautious before buying one," said Kituku.

He observed that the best masks for coronavirus prevention should have three layers.

The first layer should be made of a hydrophobic material whereby water cannot penetrate. The middle one should be a filter that will trap dust and virus particles then the third one a hydrophobic one.

"Such masks would be recommendable which should be worn properly," he said.

He observed that most of the recommended masks are very expensive and a lot of people cannot afford it.

He urged tailors making masks to ensure they use the three required materials.

"Not everyone can afford the surgical masks and many are buying from the local tailors. The tailors should ensure the masks they are selling are the required ones," said Kituku.

Earlier this week Kituku insisted that there are no coronavirus cases in Machakps county despite the ministry of health report.

He said that the people reported to be from Machakos are not resident of Machakos but only the Identification cards connect them with Machakos.

He urged residents to stay safe from the virus by following directives given by the ministry of health.

Content created and supplied by: Cpatterson (via Opera News )

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