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Meet Yoriko, the Creepy Fish with a Human Face[PHOTOS and VIDEO]

Besides being a home to millions of undocumented species, the sea hides a myriad of mysteries that can hardly be explained. Diving escapades have brought to light some of these creepy species that freeze your blood the minute you see them.

One of the creepiest organism to be found in the waters in a fish with a human like face and to humanise it more, the person who discovered the mysterious creature gave it a human name, Yoriko, derived from a Japanese name “Yori” meaning rely on or be depended on.

PHOTO: Yoriko the fish smiles during an underwater selfie moment 

Since a Japanese diver Hiroyoki Arakawa discovered Yoriko over 25 years ago, they both developed a bond, a human-fish relationship jettisoning them to front pew buddies.

 Whenever Hiroyoki visits Shinto underwater shrine where he serves as the caretaker, he summons his friend by hitting on a piece of metal and in no time, Yoriko the fish shows up. To show his affection, Mr Hiroyoki once kissed Yoriko’s forehead. Yes! This fish has a forehead.

Yoriko phenomenal could scientifically be explained by genetic mutation caused by toxins that are deposited in the ocean, or other changes that might have occurred in its normal environment forcing it blend with the changes hence altering its normal genetic makeup or maybe a glimpse to hidden human civilisation in the ocean, just maybe.

 Find the Video HERE 

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