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Men Avoid This If You Want Six Packs

There are things that a man should avoid in order to attain six packs.When doing them,they prevent six packs from forming on your body so one must try to avoid them.Now here are the things that you are supposed to avoid.

1.Avoid excessive eating of fats and oil.When eating such food with fats,they accumulate in the body and cause one to become fat hence no six packs can be formed .

2.Avoid being idle without doing any exercise.When the body lacks exercise one also becomes fat.after being fat it cause one not to form six packs on his body.That is why one is supposed to do some exercises at least to make the body become active.

3.Also one should avoid taking a lot of alcohol.When one takes a lot of alcohol to the body the liver starts expanding and increasing in size.That is why people who takes alcohol have large stomachs.Now for to develop six packs you should avoid taking alcohol.

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