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Here Are Patients Gov't Has Warned Against Use Of Diclofenac Without Prescription

Today Friday morning, the Ministry of Health through the Pharmacy and Poison Board (PPB) issued a warning against self-medication with pain killers, especially diclofenac.

The ministry notes that more people are using diclofenac as a pain reliever and as an anti-inflammatory, especially in conditions such as arthritis.

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The ministry has further listed the side effects of these painkillers on those who use them for a long time. They cause blood clots, especially in patients with an underlying heart condition or in patients with certain cardiovascular risk factors that can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

The PPB therefore warns patients with a history of heart attack or stroke, patients with heart failure, patients with obstruction in the arteries, or those who have undergone surgery to remove or bypass such obstructions.

As well as people who smoke or have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes are also requested to seek medical advice.

The ministry has therefore advised patients to take medicines and prescriptions from licensed pharmacies.

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