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Remember The Woman Who Lost 6 Ribs During Plastic Surgery (Photos)

Plastic surgery has obsessed so many ladies in the western culture. This woman said that her story was very touching. She wanted to to be very beautiful that and have a thin waist. The Woman Said that the process was very painful as it almost costs her the life. She had to loose about 6 ribs that made her skin very pale.

He name is pixee Fox and she about 30 years old by now. She is said to be the most flagile as she doe not have so many ribs. This made her Skin even very pale as the plastic surgery went wrong and now she is more of a cartoon. Please let us tressure our lives despite how we are since we are all created in the image of God.

Unless on is suffering from a very risky disease then they can undergo some treatments. Here are some photos of her after the surgery and even before surgery.

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